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Unabridged Birth Certificate

A Birth certificate is a certificate issued by your country of birth to confirm and acknowledge the registration of your birth in that specific country.

South African Birth Certificates are issued by the Department of Home Affairs. We can assist u to obtain your South African Birth certificate

What types of Birth certificates are available.

1. Abridged Birth certificate.

 This certificate only shows the persons details which will include the ID number, Surname and Full names.

 • Cannot be Legalised by Authentication, Apostille and/or Certification at Embassy.

2. Unabridged Birth Certificate: Shows the persons as well as parents details which include ID numbers, and place of birth.

This certificate is the most commonly used for:

 • Visa applications.

 • New regulations from 1 July 2015 in South Africa is that when you travel with minor children you must be in possession of a Unabridged Birth      certificate.

 • School registrations

 • Application for south African passports etc.

Only Certificate that Can Be Legalised by Authentication, Apostille and/or Certification at Embassy.

3. Vault Copy Birth Certificate: Certified copy of the original registration of birth in the handwriting of the person whom registered the birth.

This certificate is the most commonly used for:

 • Obtaining foreign passports.

 • Obtaining ancestral visas.

 • Cannot be Legalised by Authentication, Apostille and/or Certification at Embassy.

4. How do you apply for a South African Birth certificate.

  4.1. Download and Complete Client Sheet

        • Note: We must at least have the ID number of the person the application is done for.

  4.2. Download and complete Appointment and Authorisation to obtain Documents from the

Department of Home Affairs.

  4.3. Download and complete application for a Birth Certificate.

     Indicate on the application form by marking the appropriate block the different choices namely.

     • What type of certificate is needed: Abridged, unabridged or Vault Copy.

     • Normal issue time or expedited issue time.

     • If legalisation is needed by Apostille, Authentication and/or embassy certification.

  4.4. Additional requirements for people born from 2000. In order to issue the certificate it is also needed that a BI 24 is completed . This form is         usually used for registrations of births.

  4.5. Notes when you complete the application form.

     • Scan in PDF

     • Write in print - black ink

     • You must supply the person for whom you require the certificate ID number - without the ID number we cannot process the application.

     • If you do not have the parents ID number supply as much as possible information of the parents.

5. Lead Times and fees : Although lead times are a indication of results in at least 85% of our applications GMTM consultants does in no way  Guarantee lead times in any way and does not accept responsibility for any loss due to delays in issue of certificates and/or certificates  issued with faulty information.

  5.1. Abridged Certificate:

  5.1.1. Normal Lead Time 3 to 5 working days.

           • R 575 payable on invoice with application.

  5.1.2. Expedited Lead Time to 1 working day.

           • Additional R 395 payable if we successfully obtain the certificate in 1 working day.

  5.2. Unabridged birth Certificate:

     5.2.1. Normal issue time of 40 to 120 working days.

              • R 745 payable on invoice.

     5.2.2. Expedited issue time within 20 working days.

                • Additional R 745 payable if we successfully obtain the certificate in under 20 working days.

  5.3. Vault Copy Birth Certificate:

     5.3.1. Normal issue time 120 plus working days.

           • Fee R 745 payable on invoice.

     5.3.2. Expedited issue time We do not expedite Vault Copies

  5.4. Courier Fees

     5.4.1. Door to Door where possible in South Africa R 150-00

           • Our preferred service provider is The Courier Guy.

           • If documents cannot be delivered door to door documents will be courier ed to your nearest post Office via Speed Service couriers.

     5.4.2. Door to Door where possible any destination outside of South Africa R 625-00

           • Our preferred service provider is DHL.

6. Payment methods and Forex and Bank Fees: banking details will be supplied with the invoice.

    6.1. EFT from any bank in South Africa - no banking fees

    6.2. EFT from a bank outside of South Africa forex fees of R 170 per transaction.

    6.3. Cash payment from within South Africa - Additional bank charge of R 80-00 per transaction.

    6.4. PayPal - Forex fees of R 170 per transaction.

7. Process when we receive the Application:

     - Process the application for a birth certificate.

     - Email u a invoice with payment options and details.

     - Courier the original birth certificate to u.

8. Process when we receive the Application:

     - Process the application .

     - Email u a invoice with payment options and details.

     - Courier the original birth certificate to u.

     - Follow up and lead time only commences when the deposit reflects in our bank account.

Description of the types of South African birth certificates that can be obtained.

Unabridged Birth Certificate:

• A unabridged birth certificate is a certificate of birth showing both the persons parents details.

• The unabridged birth certificate is a computer print out and the document can be apostilled or legalised.

• The Unabridged Birth certificate is usually needed for Visas, Immigration , School registration and international travel.

Vault Copy of Birth Certificate:

• A vault copy of a  birth certificate is a copy of the actual birth registration form when the birth was first registered in the handwriting of the person who did the registration of the birth.

•  Vault copies of a birth is usually used to prove the right to citizenship or a passport  i.e British Passport

• The vault copy of a birth certificate can not be apostilled or legalised. Only a notarised copy can be made which can be Legalised.

Abridged Birth Certificate

• A abridged birth certificate is a certificate of birth showing  the persons details.

• The abridged birth certificate is a computer print out and the document can not  be apostilled or legalised but a notary copy can be made.

• Abridged birth certificates are fazed out by the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

History of Birth Certificates in South Africa as per Ancestry24 Ancestry 24

Birth certificates were officially introduced in South Africa the late 1800 and only became compulsory  until 1905 in South Africa. The Cape in 1895, Natal in 1868, ransvaal in 1901, Orange Free State in 1903 Not everybody registered their child in the first month of birth. Some did it years later when they had more than one child to register.

As our ancestors were not always very law abiding and despised the government of the time not all births were registered.

For earlier  information a person have to consult have to consult baptism records, death notices or burial records. Birth dates were not included into baptism registers ntil around 1800 and in most instances it will say “date of birth unknown”. While the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria is the official custodian of birth records, the general public may view these in the various provincial archival repositories.

Access to the birth registers are closed for a period of 100 years to protect individuals.

Where to start you search.

You will first need to know in which magisterial district the birth took place as this will determine which Archives those records are held. These indexes are not searchable electronically except for the Western Cape Index on Ancestry24. If someone was born in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape or Western Cape the records will be in the Cape Town Archives. Birth records from Natal would be in the Pietermaritzburg Archives etc. If birth place is unknown, you can consult the deceased estate papers and look at the death notice. This should show a place of birth, although often it gives just the city and not the magisterial district. Next, consult the index to the birth in the magisterial area in which it was registered. For a birth in Cape Town you might need to check places like Cape Town Central, Wynberg, Docks, Green Point, Sea Point, Woodstock, Observatory etc – all in separate registers. It varies, but as an example, Worcester has 62 Birth Registers dating back to 1895. There are about four years per register until 1933 and one register per year thereafter. For Worcester, the earliest reference number is 1/3/57/4/1 and it covers births from 1895 to June 1905.

Information contained in the birth registers:

Some of these books are very large, heavy and the pages are difficult to photograph because of their size. Once you have the particular register, you can get date of birth, child’s name if given, mother and father, parents’ address, when and where the birth was registered, if the child was legitimate as well as race. Copies of official birth certificates cannot be issued from the archives and photographs or photocopies of these registers are not allowed.

Other sources of birth dates:

Apart from baptism records, you can consult inscriptions on tombstones. Backup evidence should be used to ensure the details are correct. The Government Gazette, which was established in 1800. Originally the title was Kaapsche Stads Courant en Africaansche Berigter – or known by the English as The Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser. It had a regular column for births, marriage and deaths. These advertisements were placed mainly by English- speaking people until the 1870′s.

Ordering birth certificate copies

If you are looking for a copy of your own birth certificate or someone who died within the last 100 years, you need to apply to the Department of Home directly.

FROM 5 January 2015 we will expidite a limited number of Unabridged Birth Certificate Applications. No more than 5 applications to expidite will be accepted per week.

The Lead time for expidited applications will be 20 working days.

The fee will be R 745 per certificate with a additional R 745 success fee if obtained in 20 working days

Kindly Note:

Lead times are based on our experience in 85% plus of our applications but cannot be guaranteed