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South African Head Office

57 Swarthout Street, Doringkloof, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa, 0157

Telephone numbers:

From within South Africa: (012) 6709010 or (012) 6709022

From outside South Africa: (0027) 12 6709010 or (0027) 12 6709022


Office Hours Monday to Friday   9:00 to 15:00

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Official South African Document Retrieval, Authentication and Legalisation Specialists


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Embassy Legalisation

When countries are not signatories to The La Hague Convention documents cannot be Apostilled but must be Authenticated and subsequently be certified by their local Embassy.

The normal process as for Apostille will be followed but a Authentication certificate will be issued instead of a Apostille. The documents look the same and are affixed to the document to be Authenticated in the same way.


• We prepare the documents.

• Obtain Authentication at relevant authorities.

• Lodge the document to the relevant embassy for Certification.

• Payment of relevant fees. ( Some embassy's only accept EFT while others only accept cash or bank guaranteed cheque's.

• Lead times are between 2 and 5 working days. It is important to note that foreign country embassy's have additional holidays as well as religious holidays in addition to South African Holidays.

Embassy legalisation Process

Authentication Process

1. Cost Estimates:

Email us details and requirements and scan us the documents.

• We will reply with a indication of cost.

2. After we have returned the quotation or if we have answered your query satisfactory

 2.1. Download and Complete the Client Sheet.

 2.2. Courier the following to us:

• Client Sheet

            • Requirement List

            • Original Documents

            • Copy of applicants Id or passport

 2.3. On Receipt of the documents we will;

• We will confirm receipt.

• Confirm process and estimated fees.

• We will email you a invoice with with banking payment details.

• On receipt of final payment we will courier the certificates to u.

3. Lead Time: 2 to 5 working days

4. Cost Fees and Payment:

 The fees and cost excludes Embassy fees which will be charged separate.

 • R 445 for the first 3 documents and  R 165 per document thereafter.  

 • Kindly note that Authentication at DIRCO or/and the High Court are excluded from above fees.

 •  Embassy Fees will be added which is between R 70 and R 555 per  page will be added.

 • Banking details will be supplied with the  invoice.

i) Payment can be done via Bank Transfer

ii) Payment from abroad can also be done via PayPal

 • Please note that Courier Fees and Forex fees if paid from outside of South Africa will be added to the account.

                                                       5. Estimated Embassy Fees and Lead Times

5.1. UAE

 • Cost between R 400 and R 600 per document or certificate.

 • Lead time between 3 and 10 working days.

 • Only accept EFT payments in advance.

5.2 2. Quatar

 • Cost n R 55 per page including authentication pages which gives a minimum of R 165 per document.

 • Lead time between 2 and 3 working days.

 • Only accept cash payments on collection.

5.3. Angolan Embassy

• Cost between R 555 and R 600 per document or certificate.

 • Lead time between 5 plus working days.

 • Only accept EFT payments in advance.


• Complete application for Collection

• Make payment of R 180 into the supplied bank account

• Use your initials and surname as reference.

• Scan and email us the application for collection and proof of payment.

• We will arrange for collection the following working day.

Kindly Note:

Lead times are based on our experience in 85% plus of our applications but cannot be guaranteed